Natural Solution to Mouth Canker Sores

Have you ever thought of a natural solution to mouth canker sores? If you have or haven’t, this may be of some help if you’ve ever experienced them. Often I’ve learned things through trial and error. That is how I recently discovered a natural remedy for mouth canker sores. I have had to have a crown and a molar extracted recently. After the first procedure where I got my temporary crown on a lower molar, I developed horrible mouth sores around the site. If you have ever experienced mouth sores, you know how miserable they make you. The slightest move of your mouth, whether it be smiling, chewing, brushing, drinking, or opening your mouth to take a peak at this nasty invader, produces almost unbearable pain. I marched off to my dentist (who by the way is fabulous), convinced that I had a major gum infection, only to learn that I had canker sores due to the trauma of the area. Evidently this is quite common after a procedure like this. She gave me a medicated mouth wash which helped a tiny bit. I used it for several days and decided to look for a natural solution to the problem, since my improvement was minimal and I was still suffering, compounded with the fact that I hate ingesting (yes there is tremendous absorption through the mouth) toxic substances such as the ingredients in the mouthwash.

Natural Solution to Mouth Canker Sores

Natural Solution to Mouth Canker Sores

In my quest I found that licorice root extract, from glycyrrhiza glabra root, works magically. Fortunately I had a very high grade liquid form of this from Medi-Herb, a company that produces excellent herbs sold only through health professionals. I simply put a capful in my mouth around the site, let it sit there for a few minutes, then added some water and swished it in my mouth for a minute, then spit it out. Not only did it give instant pain relief, but it took away the problem all together within a day. I was ecstatic! No more toxic mouthwash for me!

Licorice has other known benefits to the body. Here is the description of the product from Medi-Herb:

High Quality Licorice contains triterpenoid saponins (especially glycyrrhizin), other saponins, flavonoids, sterols and other compounds. Licorice High Grade 1:1 contains a higher percentage of glycyrrhizin than the regular Licorice 1:1 product and is set at a minimum of 30 mg/mL of glycyrrhizin to ensure optimal strength and quality. The phytochemicals in Licorice High Grade 1:1, particularly the glycyrrhizin, work together to:
-promote healthy adrenal gland function
-support and soothe the digestive and urinary tract systems
-support the integrity of the oral mucosa
-promote a healthy response to environmental stresses
-support healthy lung function
-support the body’s normal cough reflex
-facilitate the body’s natural ability to break up respiratory secretions
-encourage normal bowel movement

There is a product on the market called CankerMelts that uses this ingredient in a patch that you put on the area. Evidently it provides the same relief and healing. I haven’t personally tried this since I had the liquid form at my disposal. You should be able to find that product at CVS and other pharmacies.

Natural Solution to Mouth Canker Sores

Natural Solution to Mouth Canker Sores

When I later had the upper molar removed, my gums did the same thing but to a lesser degree. Fortunately I had my liquid licorice ready to swish and healing promptly followed.

I am always so excited when I find natural solutions to a problem! Now if you get mouth sores frequently from no trauma to the mouth, then you need to look at your diet and lifestyle to find the cause of the problem. Dr. Michael Greger, M.D.’s site is an excellent resource! The licorice can provide a temporary solution, but to enjoy peak health, I suggest dealing with the root cause of the issue which almost always comes from breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

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    • Deborah Harrell, ND says

      Thank you for your inquiry! I can order the MediHerb licorice for you! If you are ordering to prevent or heal canker sores, I have found something else that is even better. I need to update this article. It is a combination of 2 essential oils – both from Young Living. One is Thieves & the other Sage. The 2 combined are magical. Let me know if you are interested in ordering & I can send you a Paypal invoice.

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